Sporting Events

Whether it is a local competition or a sporting fixture on the international calendar, JacBee has the experience and knowhow to deliver a world-class event. We can offer a range of services including:
  • Coordination of the event preparation and delivery, in line with International Federation Rules and Regulations.
  • Management of the venue plan and overlay of the event; liaison with venue operations team and management of event contractors.
  • Establishment and administration of an entry and accreditation system and planning and delivery of safety and security requirements.
  • Production of a full logistics plan, including the organisation of transport, training, competition, accommodation and catering.
  • Lead briefings and orientation for teams, officials, media and volunteers.
  • Coordination of teams, medical provision, officials, VIPs and required sport specific and general volunteers including Team Liaison Officers.
  • Link to local schools and clubs to encourage spectator viewing and community engagement.